Exceptional Staff

Our project managers have deep technical knowledge each have over 15 years of experience and a career of achievements behind them. These educated individuals—two licensed profession engineers and a former VP of a nationally recognized construction company—form the core of our company. These experts know that building a store is a team effort. The longstanding relationships we have built with subcontractors in many U.S. cities translate into high quality work and excellent results.


But, we don’t rest on our past success; we are seasoned professionals, yet we keep our methods up-to-date.


We know you have better things to do than solve 1,000 minor problems related to the construction of your store. Due to our considerable experience, we have encountered most on-the-job problems already, and we are able to easily solve them, or prevent them from happening in the first place. When there is something you need to know about, we inform you immediately.


Just as important, when you need us, we’re there. Your calls and e-mails are always answered promptly. Or, if you just want to know the progress of your project, it is easy to do by accessing our offsite server and using our web based project management software any time anywhere.


We are not afraid of technology. In fact, we embrace it:

  • We offer clients access to a secure offsite server that houses up-to-date information about your project. You, your team, or your architect can access current project schedule milestones, photos, job reports, and delivery notices from your office or home, or on the go. Our superintendents and project managers upload new data every day. So, a thorough understanding of the progress of your projects is always just a couple of clicks away.

  • Our state-of-the-art virtual plan room allows quick distribution of drawings and project information to all members of the project construction team.

  • You’ll find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn because we want to stay connected with you.

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